Best wishes for the first 75 master-trainers for future primary school teachers!

On May 21-22, there was organized the final seminar-training on Component 4 «Pedagogues of higher educational institutes: the Primary Education». Over the past three months, 75 master-trainers for future primary school teachers have successfully completed a course of study within the project. Pedagogues of higher education institutions that train teachers for a Modern Ukrainian School,…

Ukraine is the way to Europe

Interview with the head of the Swiss-Ukrainian project DOCCU Natalia Protasova on the reform of Modern Ukrainian School and the development of a new democratic school for the TV-channel «TV Plus» (Kherson).

Democracy through education

Education is capable for the changes in the society. Since 2013, the Swiss-Ukrainian project «Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine – DOCCU» is operating in Ukraine. Authorities and educators are working to create a democratic environment in which the rule of law and human rights are priorities. Kherson Region is one of the eight pilot…

The experts of the DOCCU project described the unique platform for the promotion of new pedagogical ideas and technologies in the Kherson Plus studio

In the studio «Kherson Plus», the expert of the DOCCU project Larysa Zhabenko and manager Valentina Poltorak talked about a unique platform for the promotion of new pedagogical ideas and technologies aimed at developing of citizenship competences among children and youth, identifying creative educators and pupils who are ready to build a modern democratic school,…

From democracy in school to democracy in the community

Natalia Protasova, the head of the project DOCCU, spoke about the project on the implementation of the idea of ​​education for democratic citizenship and human rights education, on cooperation between the school and the community, and why it is important to make schooling democratic in the city on the Poltava on «Misto» TV channel.