School, government and community cooperation as a way to build civil society

The cooperation of the school, authorities and community is a way to build civil society. This was a topic of UnConference in Ivano-Frankivsk on 5th December. The event brought together international and Ukrainian experts, school principals, teachers, pupils, and representatives of united territorial communities. Modern Ukrainian School should become one of the institutions that will…

Ukrainian pupils will be taught to live in accordance with the principles of democracy

Experts and master-trainers of the project «Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine – DOCCU» held in Odesa UnConference «Education for Democratic Citizenship: School – Government – Community». Teachers, principals and representatives of local self-government from oblast attended the conference. You can watch how little Ukrainians will learn democracy in the further plot.

Democratic education in Ukraine. Is it reality or a myth?

The project manager Natalia Protasova,project experts Yulia Molchanova and Larysa Zhabenko and manager Valentina Poltorak explained how to form democratic values and competences in the educational environment through the life-long teaching of democratic citizenship and human rights through every school subject and out-of-school activity, on the «Channel 7» of Odesa television.  

Pupils of the Odesa Oblast were taught the democracy

School-authorities-community – this is a system on what a modern democratic society should develop. Experts and participants of UnConference in Odesa «Education for Democratic Citizenship: School – Government – Community» were discussing the issue that Ukrainians have to learn the principles of democracy from an early childhood.