Citizenship competence as a component of the special features of librarian

On 12th October was considered the issue of professional competence of librarians and the role of library at Modern Ukrainian School during the training session within the framework of Odesa Regional Institute of Teacher Improvement (ORITI).

Participants reviewed the main components of the professional competence of librarian such as emotional, perceptual, role and information competencies. According to librarians, the challenge for many of them is social competence, since the need for knowledge of the ethics of formal communication, the ability to prevent conflicts, the ability to operate the information and build communication is due to the multifaceted role that librarian performs. Audience expressed much interest to one of the constituent personal features of the librarians such as their citizenship. Participants discussed the possibilities of its implementation in the professional activity.

Modern Ukrainian School needs a new library. At the end of the training, librarians summarized that library as a component of the innovative educational space will become reality only if it is organized on the partnership basis.