«Citizenship competences: topicality and new approaches». Training for teachers of History and Law was organized in Odesa

On 22nd June teachers of History and Law, who attend course of in-service teacher training, took part in discussion of topic «Citizenship competence: topicality and new approaches». There were also considered such questions as «Democratic society: interconnections of government and citizens» and «Democratic culture: components and ways of formation».

Teachers concluded that only active participation of citizens in life of a country is a base for implementation their rights and it is expression of their civic responsibility. Taking into account such processes, which are in our country now, the topicality of development of citizenship competences among pupils is very important. For this reason, one of the teachers’ tasks is to update the approaches, learn new technologies, methods and forms of work in order to acquaint pupils with knowledge about being citizen, democracy and Human right as well as to form among them skills to use acquired knowledge and develop democratic culture.

Using of methodological resources of project DOCCU gives such opportunity for teachers, who got know about the project during the group work in questions of updating approaches in formation citizenship competences among pupils.