Cooperation between school, government and community: monitoring results of implementation project DOCCU in Odesa region

On 23rd June was organized the meeting of experts Tetyana Lukina, Doctor in Public Administration of National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, and Inna Semanets-Orlova, PhD in Political Sciences of National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, with the participants of project DOCCU. The meeting was on the base of Odesa Regional Institute of Teacher Improvement.

Pedagogues shared their thoughts with Tetyana Lukina during the interview about those processes which had been started in schools thanks to the project. First of all, teachers pointed out that at the beginning of taking part in project many schools had already had the experience of democratic governance, but especially project DOCCU gave the possibility to rethink it, update approaches, define the ways of improvement, implement new forms and methods of work with pupils and their parents, and the most important – concentrate attention on school governance democratization as the main term of pupils’ socialization.

Moreover, during the discussion teachers pointed out that development of democratic society is, firstly, demand of current time of XXI century. Taking into account the experience of European countries in sphere of formation and development of democratic society and displeasure of majority Ukrainians about realities of their life and desire to change it to better, it is clear that time forces us to create new Ukraine. We should understand that school graduate may be the future president, minister, prosecutor or judge… That is why, we have to work on creation of Modern Ukrainian School, which will be strong social institute, micro community, and its governance will be based on the principles of mutual respect, responsibility, participation as well as openness and clearness.

Pedagogues agree that democracy is not about one lesson, it is about the whole school life.

Tetyana Lukina and Inna Semenets-Orlova added that thoughts of teachers and pedagogues which occur on the way of democratic transformations are very important for possibilities of future development of project DOCCU.