Democratic governance in schools – this was a topic of seminar for deputy principals of Tysmenytskiy region

In cooperation between Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Institute of in-Service Teachers Training and methodical cabinet of educational department of Tysmenutska Regional Council was organized seminar-training for deputy principals «We are working on democratic governance in schools».

Svitlana Klimkovska, master-trainer of project pointed out: «Democratic governance has such key spheres as governance, leadership and responsibility for the community».

Alla Dutchak, trainer of project, described new roles of teacher in condition of Modern Ukrainian School: «Necessity of providing education due to pupil’s needs must be very important task for teachers. This demands changes in our attitude to educational process, where teacher is a center of studying through the practice, discovery and experience exchanging. Didactic method of teaching (where teacher and manual have priorities) should be changed to more practical method (when pupil can study on practice) and this method means implementation of wider diaphanous of pedagogical methodics».

Deputy principals talked about current problems and challenges they face during their work, described road map of organization methodological work in condition of transformations to new standards of secondary education. Discussion was held in a form of active and interactive exercises.

Participants noticed that development of citizenship competences among educators of a region is becoming topical. For this reason, it is very important to continue implementation of such project.