Development of citizenship competences in modern educational practice

DOCCU master-trainers Olena Buriak, Olga Kechik, and Nadiya Lysenko revealed the main issues of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE) during the seminar-training «about», «through», «for» democracy «Development of Citizenship Competences in Contemporary Educational Practice» at the educational institution of Severodonetsk.

Participants were interested in the practical component of the training, where they could use a variety of exercises and techniques, innovative forms, and methods of work on the formation of civic competences in school education. Such training exercises contributed to the formation of a culture of the learner, the upbringing of a person who realizes his/her own responsibility to society for the preservation of life on Earth; the formation of ecological culture; strengthening the spiritual and physical health of the individual in order to develop a democratic civil society. There were presented the Council of Europe manuals on the series «Living in democracy» by Rolf Gollob and others.