Development of competences for democratic citizenship at the Modern Ukrainian School

The teachers of the extended day group trained on the theme «Development of Competences for Democratic Citizenship at the Modern Ukrainian School» in Odesa Oblastal Institute of Teacher Improvement (ORITI) during the Continuing Education Course on February 15.

Teachers learned about the basic principles of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC / HRE), outlined the possibilities for implementing active and cross-cutting approaches to formulating civic and social competences as one of the key competences of the Concept of the «Modern Ukrainian School».

Formation of competences for democratic citizenship in the Modern Ukrainian school becomes possible due to the organization of educational process based on partnership pedagogy. The attention should be paid to the organization of the educational environment, which belongs to children. That is why, during the practical part, the educators of the extended day group were acquainted with the teaching and methodological resource from the series «Living in democracy». During the final discussion, the students noted the urgency of developing a teacher’s social skills for the development of a democratic atmosphere in the classroom and the importance of redefining issues of discipline and order from a democratic point of view.