Education for democratic education and human rights education as a priority of the New Ukrainian School

On March 19, a group of students of in-service courses began training for deputy principals of educational work and teachers-organizers «Education for Democratic Education and Human Rights Education as a Priority of the New Ukrainian School» at Odesa Regional Institute of Teacher Improvement. The training was organized in the format of an active lecture on the principle of learning «about», «through», «for» democracy. Participants worked on the basic principles, key concepts, educational and methodical resources of EDC/HRE and the possibilities of their implementation in work with pupils. According to listeners, education for democratic citizenship is the education for life.

Practical exercises were aimed at the disclosure of such issues as the relevance of the formation of civic competence among youth as a condition for the sustainable development of a democratic society, the value orientations of the New Ukrainian school, the role of the teacher in the context of democratization of education, the peculiarities and benefits of implementing competency, activity and cross-cutting approaches to learning. Moreover, they considered the issue of school as a micro-model of society where pupils can experience the democratic participation. The students were shown the educational platform «Living in Democracy» and the possibilities of using the teaching and learning resource of the Council of Europe on EDC/HRE in the work of the teacher-organizer and class teachers. Participants assessed the benefits of the main didactic and methodological approaches to EDC/HRE during one of the exercises of the 6th volume, «Teaching Democracy», namely the «Bouquet of Flowers».