Features of the formation of democratic values in school education in Lugansk Oblast

On April 13, there was held a meeting of master-trainers and trainers of the Swiss-Ukrainian Educational Project DOCCU (of Luhansk Oblast) with Ambassador of Switzerland to Ukraine, Guillaume Scheurer, and Senior Advisor to the Minister for Temporary Occupation and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine Norbert Ruche on the basis of Lugansk Regional Institute of In-Service Teacher Education.

Participants of the meeting discussed the role of the teacher in the development of citizenship competences among pupils in the context of the military conflict, the peculiarities of the formation of democratic values in school education and the creation of an educational environment in which the child learns from the experience of democratic relations in society, becomes an active citizen and will already be in the process of implementation citizenship initiatives in adult life, will be involved in management at all levels of government.

«Community and economic development of the Eastern Ukraine are possible only in a safe environment. To do this you need to solve a whole range of problems and work in a consolidated manner. I assure you that the Swiss people will continue to help Ukrainians with this, «said Ambassador Guillaume Scheurer.