The first master-trainers for the future elementary school teachers have successfully completed their training!

The first cycle of training within the frameworks of the training program «Formation of Citizenship Competences among Future Primary School Teachers» has been completed for teachers of higher education institutions in the field of «Education» by the specialty «Primary Education». 20 participants received the certificates of master-trainers on EDC/HRE.

Participants of the seminar were able to attend lessons at the Khotiv pilot school, to see in practice the formation of democratic values in school practice during the final module C «Training FOR»: forming professional and citizenship competencies». It was an interesting and useful experience, as participants could not just observe the educational process at primary school, but also see the education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE) in action, witnessed the formation of a modern democratic school.

The main expert of the DOCCU project, Yulia Molchanova, noted: «In the training modules, which involved participants, almost 80% of the academic time was put into practice. Students independently searched for answers to the actual questions of the implementation of EDC/HRE, tried to construct training sessions, and were engaged in making a portfolio of master-trainer. An important part of the training timetable was devoted to self-reflection of professional development».