Formation of citizenship responsibility at the lessons of English

On 18th September, 2017 teachers of English who are also the participants of in-service training course of Lviv Regional Institute of In-Service Teacher Training have gained necessary knowledge in the course of the social and humanitarian module «Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine».

Master-trainers of the project Anna-Maria Bogosvyatska and Liliana Kudryk together with participants learned ways of democratization of educational process by means of interactive exercises and forms of work («4 corners», «World cafe», «Supermarket», «The dictionary of sacred words», «All are different, all are equal»). Moreover, there was shown a lesson on types of responsibility from the 2nd volume of manual «We grow in democracy. Plans of lessons for elementary level concerning democratic citizenship and human rights». Participants have worked on skills of democratic style of communication; have discussed the prospects of development of citizenship competences among pupils. They also have formulated vision of the further effective embodiment of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education in class and educational work.