A lesson in a New Ukrainian school is a democratic lesson

Feb 26, 2018 Teachers of a prolonged-day group On February 26th, there was organized the practical training in Odesa Regional Institute of Teacher Improvement, aiming at the modeling of the transition from the authoritarian to the democratic style of managing the educational process. Teachers of a prolonged-day group got acquainted with some technologies of the development of the social component of the teacher’s professional competence, in particular, the rules of the triple feedbacks and the development of ambivalence in the perception of understanding.

During the training, the participants left their habitual comfort zone, which is a prerequisite for professional development opportunities. They also could find the necessary toolkit in Volume I of the manual «Living in democracy» by Rolf Gollob and others.

It should be noted that the participants chose the very democratic vector of professional development since they noted that the values that underlie the democratic lesson are the basic values of the society in which they want to live.