Monitoring mission of the DOCCU expert team for the Kherson Oblast

On November 22 project head expert Natalia Klokar, expert of the project component «Teachers» Andriy Dovgan, Olga Sadaeva and Sergey Moiseev, experts of the project component «Principals», and Viktoriya Surgaeva, master -trainer of the component «Teachers» visited the reference establishment Skadovska gymnasium in order to study the experience of project DOCCU .

The experts attended the lesson of English in 11th grade on topic «Good law and bad law». After the lesson, there was a meeting of the Presidential Council of the Gymnasium where they discussed in the form of a SWOT analysis all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the institution.

The project’s experts conducted questionnaires for teachers and pupils and visited the Primorsky branch of the «Academic Gymnasium».