New teacher at new school

On 14th September there was organized a seminar-training within the frameworks of cooperation of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Institute In-Service Teacher Training Institute and the methodical center of educational department of Rozhnyativsky district state administration.

Master-trainers of project «Development of citizenship competences in Ukraine» Olga Nyzhnyk and Svitlana Klimkovska directed the attention of deputy principals of teaching and educational work of  Rozhnyativsky district to new democratic approaches in the organizations of educational process in secondary educational institutions and also considered important questions which are declared by just adopted new «Law about education».

The educational concepts have become very relevant for the participants because they reflect the movement to the Modern Ukrainian School. Participants of seminar-training worked on model of the new teacher at new democratic school from the pupils’, teachers’, parents’ and public’s points of view and also analyzed ways of development and formation of new democratic school.