UnConference in Ivano-Frankivsk «School, government and community cooperation is a way to build civil society»

On December 5, there was held the conference in Ivano-Frankivsk «School, Government and Community Cooperation is a Way to Build Civil Society». During the event, there were held workshops, business games and casework on issues of interaction between authorities, schools and communities to create a democratic local environment. Experts from project DOCCU have shown how to build democratic values and competences in the learning environment through the comprehensive teaching of democratic citizenship and human rights through every school and out-of-school activities.

Effective cooperation between the authorities, schools and the community will contribute to the further implementation of citizenship initiatives, the acceleration of decentralization and the emergence of a vibrant civil society. Active citizens of such society will be able to engage in real governance at the local, regional and national levels.

The peculiarity of this meeting was the participation of the pupils as equal participants in the event. They also shared the experience of pupils’ self-government, the use of effective tools for the protection and realization of their rights.

A live discussion in the format of an «open microphone» enabled the frank answers to «inconvenient» questions. The democratic atmosphere encouraged participants to freely express their thoughts, engage in debate and defend their views.

The highlight of UnConference «Cooperation of School, Government and Community is the Way to Build Civil Society» started a new idea, where was felt the significance of the contribution of each participant, based on common values.