Odesa Oblast School Principals attended a seminar-training on the development of citzenship competences

On February 16, there was organized a oblastal seminar-training «Development of competences for democratic citizenship in the Modern Ukrainian School» for the deputy principals of the educational work of secondary education institutions. One of the tasks of the practical modules was the elaboration of the main tools for implementing the activity and cross-cutting approaches in shaping the competences for democratic citizenship of all participants in the educational process.

During the seminar, the deputy principals of educational work were acquainted with the educational platform «Living in Democracy» and outlined the possibilities of using the teaching and methodological resource of the Council of Europe on EDC/HRE in the educational work of the school. Participants of the seminar noted that the decisive condition for the development of the competences necessary for the formation of democratic citizenship, the deepening of the culture of democracy in school is the partnership of all participants in the educational process, based on mutual respect, trust, freedom and responsibility.