There was organized August methodical workshops for teachers of Ivano-Frankivsk region

On 30th August, 2017 seminar-training «School on the way of democratic transformations» took place in a format of August faculty meetings on the base of Rozhnivsky pilot educational institution within the implementation of project DOCCU.

During training there were considered such issues as:
– new democratic school as requirement and reality in measurements of public updating;
– new roles of teacher;
– new educational technologies at Modern Ukrainian School;
– democratic substantial lines at Modern Ukrainian School.

Master-trainers of the project Olga Nyzhnyk and Svitlana Klimkovska offered very interesting interactive exercises to the participants: «Envelope of methodical problems», «Democratic school eyes of pupils, parents, teachers, societies», «Six steps on overcoming the conflict», «Definitions through associations». During the training there were also discussed other important issues getting today before school in the way of democratic transformations and teachers as agents of these transformations.