Partnership «Administration – Teacher – Student – Parents – Community»

On November 24, there was held a seminar-training of heads of educational institutions of the Tismenitsky rayon (district) of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast.

Pupils and principals of the school showed the interesting presentation of the institution. Svitlana Klimkovska, the master-trainer of project DOCCU, told the audience about the scientific methodological work as one of the aspects of the managerial activity of the head of the educational institution. Deputy principal of educational work Oleksandra Lobur presented the «Intelligence Cafe» in an interactive form. Maria Tatarin, the rural chairman, impressed the school principals of rayon with a presentation of the close cooperation between the school, family, and community. The teachers conducted with the students a group of interesting and cognitive workshops in Arts, Biology, Crafts and classes in kindergarten.