Reconsideration of a role of teacher in the context of democracy

Teachers of PT took part part in training «The dominating style of pedagogical communication and the leadership in educational process: reconsideration of a role of teacher in the context of democracy» within the module Development of Citizenship Competences at Odesa Regional Institute of Teacher Improvement.

Teachers have worked with the manuals of EDC/HRE «We Live in Democracy» and «Manual for Training of Teachers in Questions of EDC/HRE» during the acquainting the possibility to use of methodical resources of the DOCCU project in school practice.

During training, teachers have studied the main characteristics of modern democratic lesson, as well as during the anonymous poll they have defined own dominating style of the leadership in educational process. During the work in groups, each of them has defined personal and technological components of an image of the democratic teacher from the point of view of pupils, teachers and parents. Summing up the results of training, teachers have noted that a preparation to democratic lesson demands expenses of forces and time, however, first of all, each of teacher needs to develop his/herself social and personal competences.