«Study and live in conditions of democracy». This was the slogan of training for deputy principals

Participants were offered to acquaint with modern methods of effective dialogue, algorithm of changes in key directions of school life, instruments for analysis of educational work in order to find the way to citizenship competences.

Training which was organized on 22nd June in Dnipro, had his own peculiarities because executives of professional technological educational establishments joined deputy principals.

Participants confirmed that there is no other way to teach young generation except organizing life in educational establishment on the principals of democratic managment and governance.

Kateryna Romanenko, master-trainer of the project pointed out: «Nobody would argou about the value of democracy. Despite this, Ukrainian school is still administrative, bureaucratic and centralized. Moreover, it is not autonomous in measurs of object-subject relationaships of educational process between the participants. We hope, tha acquired skills will help participants to make life of pedagoges staff and pupils more effective in a way that cooperation and dialogue between them will be aimed to the best standards of democratic life».