Teachers of Law in Lviv studied the principles of democracy in school environment, in community, and in state

During April 2-5, teachers of Law from Lviv Oblast considered important aspects of the development of citizenship competencies in Ukraine at the in-service training course. The key topics of the discussion were the principles of learning «about», «through», «for» democracy.

During the training, DOCCU trainer Igor Gusakov outlined the current educational trends in the field of human rights with the use of thematic presentations and video materials. Teachers considered education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE) as a methodological approach. The teachers worked on didactic exercises, using the methodological work, offered in the manuals «Living in democracy» by the authorship of Rolf Gollob, etc. Trainer of the project DOCCU Galina Sohan engaged teachers to join the process of modeling the contemporary democratic teacher’s portrait.