Updating the functions of methodological work in conditions of democratic change

On 12th October, there was held a seminar-training «Planning Methodological Work with Teachers of Local Communities in conditions of democratic changes» in Kosmak Local Community for responsible persons for organizing methodological work with educators of this united territorial community.

Event moderators Alla Dutchak and Svitlana Klimkovska, methodologists of the Laboratory of Management and Education at Ivano-Frankivsk Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute (IFRISTTI), told the participants about the major changes in modern education in accordance with the new «Law On education», the concept of Modern Ukrainian School and the methodology for analyzing and planning methodological work. Participants noted about the need of methodological work to improve their professional level and discussed the positive and negative aspects of the organization of this activity.

Participants stressed that one of the important tasks faced by teachers in the modernization of education is the preparation of a teacher of Modern Ukrainian School. n important place here holds the correct and efficient methodological work with pedagogical staff.