Development of citizenship competences during the lessons of Ukrainian language and Ukrainian literature

On June 11, teachers of the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian literature of Lviv Oblast took part in a seminar called «Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine» within the framework of the DOCCU project.

The trainer of the DOCCU project, Anna-Maria Bogosvyatska, together with the participants of the training seminar, discussed the peculiarities of the integration of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE) into the education process of educational institutions, the issues of democratic citizenship, human rights, democratic style of communication at the modern lesson, ability to cooperate on the principles of equality, responsibility, partnership, respect, benevolence, comfort for everyone.

The project trainer has demonstrated to the teachers the methodological support of the EDC/HRE course such as the manuals on the series «Living in Democracy» (authored by Rolf Gollob and others). In practice, teachers have checked the level of formation of citizenship competences during practical exercises, such as: «4 corners», «All are different, all are equal», «My personal symbolism», «History about Milan», «Dictionary of Sacred words of a citizen», etc. These forms of training have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the EDC/HRE concept, and therefore teachers need to master the ability to debate and organize group work, apply different assessment methods, etc.