Reform of education: pupils initiatives that change the life of the community

On June 7, there was held the media expedition «Reform of Education: Pupils Initiatives That Change the Life of the Community» in Odesa Oblast. The main goal of the event was to demonstrate how to establish a dialogue between school, government and the community.

Participants of the event and the media visited educational institutions of Chornomorsk town, where they saw the educational reform being implemented in practice. Pupils, teachers, school leaders and representatives of local authorities have shown that they are implementing community-based projects as a joint effort.

As part of the media expedition, a press briefing was held where experts from the DOCCU project spoke about the project.

Schools of Balta and Velyka Mykhailivka talked with the help of Skype about the ecological, social and other projects, which involve children, teachers, volunteers, community, thanks to skype-communication.

«DOCCU is not for lessons, DOCCU is for life, a life in a developed democratic society, in which we all work together for the common good», – concluded Natalia Protasova, project manager of DOCCU.

Then the participants of the media expedition traveled to the city of Chornomorsk, where was a summer medical camp for high school students. They also visited the local hospital for water transport, in which students learned how to give the first aid.

Pupils, teachers and parents of the Chornomorsk Gymnasium №1 presented social projects: «15 good deals», «Cooperation with the orphanage in Ananiev», «The problem of serene animals», «65 good deals», «Eco Therapy of the sea and soul,» and others.

The final point of the media expedition was the visit of journalists to the institution of pre-school education №8 «Perlynka», during which Svitlana Malakhova, the head of the institution, emphasized that the formation of citizenship competence should begin with an early childhood and last for a lifetime.