Teachers of Music Learned to Form citizenship competences among pupils

On June 11, teachers of Music of Lviv region attended the socio-humanitarian module «Citizenship Education in Ukraine», where learned to form citizenship competences of pupils in the educational process.

The audience got acquainted with the project DOCCU, the educational online platform «Living in democracy». Training technologies have contributed to the effective assimilation of the goals and principles of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education. The teachers talked about the democratization of education and society as a whole, about the necessary changes in the consciousness of citizens, about human dignity and its formation, about the creation of a democratic educational space in school.

Galina Demkovich: «Many impressions and positive emotions I took from the training. We need to give more freedom to children, to give an opportunity to express their opinion. We should also attract children to work in groups. For this way, they manifest themselves in work as well as develop their good qualities. They become creative, free, compassionate, compliant. They should not be afraid to show themselves in the classroom».